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Pearland  City Council approved a FY 2017 Budget that will allocate more than $1.7 million towards the repair of streets and sidewalks. That amount is slightly less than the $1.9 million currently allocated in the current FY 2015-16 Budget and considerably less than the targeted $3.7 million to maintain current road average conditions.

With the approved funding, street rehabilitation will take place in the Sleepy Hollow subdivision (approx. 3.75 miles) on Zapalac Rd. (approx. 0.2 miles), Regal Oaks Dr. (approx. 0.3 miles) and in the SE quadrant of Old Town site (0.75 miles). Sidewalks up for repair include the completion of the Southwyck subdivision and the start of sidewalk repair in the Southdown subdivision.

The City receives competitive bids for all contracted worked and partners with other agencies such as Brazoria County and the Texas Department of Transportation ensuring the work is completed efficiently and every dollar goes as far as possible. The City currently has 476.2 miles of sidewalk in the City limits, of that total approximately 124 miles or 1/4 is in need of repairs.

In 2014, the City completed an assessment of all its street and sidewalk assets. The inventorying project included a condition analysis of all City street pavements along with data capturing and inventory services for assets such as street signs, pavement markings, storm sewer inlets and manholes. The project also included the development of a sidewalk database that includes the location of all Pearland sidewalks, a general condition analysis of sidewalk segments, and an inventory of all sidewalk ADA ramps and a list of locations with missing sidewalk segments.

The condition analysis showed the City’s overall streets pavement network to currently be generally in good condition. However, there are areas in need of rehabilitation, and now there is a good database to assess and plan. At a high-level view, the system, comprised predominantly of newer construction, scored very well. As an industry standard, pavement is rated on a 1 to 100 score with 100 being a perfect score. The rating system is called a Pavement Condition Index (PCI). The City of Pearland PCI score was 76 out of 100. The project consultant cited the vast majority of their 300+ clients nationwide score between 60 and 65.

Another critical component of this project was the development of a model by which the City can maintain or improve its PCI rating. To keep the street paving system at the 75 PCI score, the City will have to invest approximately $3.7 million annually. The City’s current multi-year budgeting has allocations that are working towards building the maintenance resources.

The program does not prescribe to a “fix the worst first” philosophy. The Pearland asset management approach is a blended one where investments are made with the most expensive reconstruction into failed street segments, but also investing into street paving segments that are in satisfactory condition to ensure that their useful life is maximized. The `mix of fixes’ helps keep the good roads in that condition as long as possible, not awaiting for complete failure and expensive reconstruction.

This effort is tied to the City of Pearland Strategic Priority ensuring a Sustainable Infrastructure. For more information, see the Public Works section of

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