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Cracking down on Illegal Parking in Handicapped Spots with an App

It’s something everyone struggles with… finding a parking spot.

The problem is even tougher for those who require a handicapped spot when drivers that don’t really need it take their space.

Nearly 1 in 5 people in the U.S. have a disability according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Tabitha Mayberry became handicapped 11 years ago after a car crash. She said she faces a problem around 20 times a week — able-bodied men and women parking in the handicapped spots illegally.

Mayberry explained, “It’s a hassle, really, to go through that when you’re just trying to live everyday like someone else.”

But she is trying to make parking for those who are disabled easier by using a parking mobility app.

“How it works is that an individual can report people parking in handicapped spots that do not have [the tag]… to park in a handicapped spot,” said Mayberry.

Right now, it’s fully operational in Texas, but Mayberry is trying to bring it to Arkansas by collecting data on the app.

“It will report like violation, but because it’s not implemented they do not get a fine. Once we can get it implemented here with the police departments, then a citation will be mailed to the individual in violation,” Mayberry explained.

Enforcing the app will also save time since cops won’t have to write up a ticket.

“I feel like it is something that could easily be addressed. And I think a lot of it comes from people who are not aware. If I can bring an awareness to it, then that’s my goal,” said Mayberry.

Anyone can download the app called “Parking Mobility”, and it’s free.




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