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Pearland’s hottest Singles & Wish They Were Singles – July 2018

Nothing you wear is more important than a smile!

It’s time for summer loving & having a blast. And here at My-Pearland-News, we recognize our city’s hottest summer singles.  Think we missed someone? Email us at and maybe your suggestion will make our singles list for August.

1  Dr. Letitia Plummer

Dr. Letitia Plummer is the top of our list of hottest Pearland Single. Dr. Plummer is a business owner, dentist, and former congressional candidate. She is a Pearland socialite, philanthropist, politician, and overall powerhouse.


2. Tom Reid

Mayor Tom Reid is one of Pearland Perpetually hottest singles. As not only the first gentleman of Pearland but also as Pearland’s premiere party goer.

Worth a read!

Mayor Tom Reid and Leisha showing off his cookie.png

3. Joel Castro

Although not a Pearland resident, Councilman Castro makes the list as a Pearland-next-door-neighbor and friend who lives in Alvin, Tx.  Councilman Castro is not only the City of Alvin’s youngest councilman he is the youngest elected official in Texas at 19 years old.


TIE – 4. Christy Buck

Our Number four slot is a tie with Pearland’s hottest Realtors Christy Buck and Elizabeth Cencini.




5. Mark Smith

Attorney Mark Smith is one of Pearland’s most sought-after singles & sought after attorneys. So no wonder he made our list.


6. Johnny Spires (JLAW)

Ladies love a man in uniform, JLAW (left) is not only Pearland’s Police Chief; he is also one of Pearland’s hottest singles.



7. Anna Price

She’s not just the manager of the hottest restaurant in town – she is also one of Pearland’s hottest singles.



8. Dr. Swetanshu Chaudhari

He’s not just Pearland’s Premiere Plastic Surgeons; He is one of Pearland’s premiere singles.




YES!! there are a collection of Pearland residents who we just wish they were single.

1. Tammy Grohman

Pearland’s premiere party thrower, chef, interior designer, and all around life of the party. Tammy Grohman is our #1 wish-they-were-singles


2. Dalia Kasseb

Let’s face it who wouldn’t want a Sugar momma who can drop $200,000 at the drop of the hat. Not only will she spend hundreds of thousands on her elections; she might spend hundreds of thousands on you ;).

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 9.21.47 PM


3. Jacquie Baly

Not just the hottest TV and Political Personality. She is one of our hottest singles.



4. Dr. Hugh Patton

Even the tooth fairy wishes Pearland dentist, Dr. Hugh Patton was single!



5. Freddie Thompson

The best photographer in Pearland. Not only does she take a pretty picture she is a pretty picture


6. Congressman Pete Olson  (US TX 22)

Three cheers for the red, white and blue!  Pearland ponders over Pete’s perfection



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