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Top 5 Signs You Might Be Losing Your Hearing

Contributing Expert Author: Dr. Chris F. Araj

As we age, it is important that we pay attention to our health. While some changes are very noticeable and sudden, others might be subtle and occur over a lengthy period of time. Hearing loss can go undetected for quite some time if you’re not aware of the signs and symptoms. Here are some common situations that everyone should know to be aware of any changes in one’s hearing. If you exhibit any of these signs, please see your audiologist immediately to diagnose the cause and prevent any further loss of hearing.

  1. Everyone around you seems to be mumbling. 

Sure, not everyone speaks clearly all the time, but if you think that everyone around you seems to be mumbling, chances are it’s not them, it’s your hearing. The most common type of hearing loss is a high-frequency or high-pitched hearing loss, so think Charlie Browns teacher- you can hear the sounds but the words aren’t always clear.

  1. Neighbors and friends are complaining your TV is too loud. 

If you’re turning the volume on your TV up so loud that people can tell what show you’re watching from outside your house, that’s a sign that you might have some hearing loss.

  1. You keep saying “huh?” or “what?”. 

If you find yourself constantly asking for repetition then chances are you might have a hearing loss. Sure, sometimes we weren’t paying close enough attention and need someone to say something again, but if you’re asking several people to repeat themselves two, three, or even four times before you understand it, chances are you might be losing your hearing.

  1. You miss the punchline. 

If everyone around you is laughing at the joke except for you, it may mean you have a hearing loss. Sure, the joke might not have been to your taste, but if you’re in a group of friends chances are there’s a lot of chatter and background noise and that’s one of the most difficult environments to hear in. So if you find yourself nodding along and smiling but not really able to follow the conversation then you might be losing your hearing.

  1. If you are over the age of 50.

It is never too early to get your hearing checked! In fact, there is a state law that mandates even newborn babies have their hearing screened before they are discharged from the hospital. So, if you are over the age of 50 and have not had your hearing tested recently it is time to schedule a baseline hearing test! The National Institute of Health reports that 37.5 million Americans aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing.


Dr. Chris Araj is Pearland’s only Board Certified Audiologist. To ask him a question please email For more information or to schedule a hearing evaluation please visit or call 281-317-4010.

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