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Ed Thompson Essentially Reelected as Pearland Democrats Voluntarily Withdraw from the Ballot

A source who spoke to MyPearlandNews on the condition of anonymity has today spoken with an official with the Secretary of State of the State of Texas. The official confirmed that the secretary did receive and process an application to be removed from the ballot that was sent in by the Democratic Nominee for Texas House District 29 James Patrick Presley. The Democratic party will not have a candidate on the Ballot making Ed Thompson unopposed. Ed. Thompson was essentially reelected by this event.

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Patrick Presley’s Facebook statement announcing his decision to drop out of the race
Patrick Presley the now former nominee of the Democratic Party for Texas House District 29

Patrick Presley the Democratic nominee had released a statement on Facebook days earlier dropping out of the race. Patrick Presley spoke with MyPearlandNews about his decision to quit the race. Presley characterized his decision to drop out based on the lack of support he received from his own party. Presley states in his Facebook Statement, “When I decided to run for this office, I had the complete belief and motivation that if I gained the full support of the Democratic Party in this area, I could win this office with moderate stances and a voice of reason/unity…. I have been talked about behind my back, lied about, misrepresented, misunderstood, and unsupported. I have tried to explain multiple times that my former beliefs from my time in the [libertarian party] were no longer my beliefs, as they quickly changed the more I researched specific areas of psychology pertaining to political viewpoints. My current political standings label me as a centrist, moderate, independent, and left-of-center. None of this mattered in the mind of the Democratic Party. As a Republican friend of mine told me, “When you won your primary, we were worried. When we saw how the Democrats reacted, we were relieved.”

“I’m the Republican he mentions in his statement,” remarks Jason Perry a local professor of political science for the College of the Mainland in Texas City. “I had attended at large party in late February or early March at the home of Sherry and Berry Peterson. A lot of big-name Republicans were at the event. There was a lot of talk about Presley, there was a lot of fear about him. People were afraid that he could win because he seemed tailor-made for the district. Others had an odd suspicion the Pearland Democrats would not back Mr. Presely. Personally, I wondered what would upset them more: his pro-life pro-gun views or his race and gender.”  Presley defeated transgender campaign worker Dylan Forbis after raising only $100 (according to Presley’s filings with the Texas Ethics Commission). After his surprise victory, the Democratic party never seemed to get behind Presley’s effort to run as a centrist moderate against the conservative incumbent Thompson.  “After we realized how the party wasn’t even going to support him, we just kind of stopped worrying about him as a threat to Republican Hegemony. And, I told him as much… my sentiments on the subject are what he quotes in his statement” noted Perry.

One wonders if that tells the real story. Is it the case that a political party did not support a candidate because he is a centrist?  Does this show how far their local party has drifted from the average voter?  Perry tells an interesting story, “Mr. Presley had contacted me about Pete Olson’s Fourth of July Party being thrown by Tammy and Lonnie Grohman. I had been promoting the event online, and Presley asked if he could attend. He stated the Democrats wouldn’t even invite him to any of their fourth of July parties because of their feelings towards him. That seemed so petty to me. He was their nominee to the Texas House and they wouldn’t even let him eat a hot dog at one of their parties. It was so sad. Of course, he was welcomed to the Olson event; the Republican Party is the big tent party. The party welcomes anyone.”

Patrick Presley at Congressman Pete Olson’s Fourth of July Party attended by many name-brand Republicans in the Region Including Republican Superstar Joel Castro. Presley had not been invited to any Democratic Party Fourth of July Events.



Congressman Olson at his Fourth of July Party

Republicans tell MyPearlandNews there were many in the GOP who liked Presley despite his left of center views.  “So many people in the party saw his deep desire to serve; we all wanted to find him a place in the community to serve since the Democrats didn’t support him. He didn’t accept our help and instead enlisted in the Texas National Gaurd. That is how he ended up finding a way to direct that desire and energy to serve,” notes a local Republican.  Presley is also entering University this fall. Presley hopes to one day be a personal trainer who owns his own gym.  Presley takes fitness very seriously. However, MyPearlandNews is not convinced this is the end of Presley’s political career.  It is safe to assume he’ll pop-up in another election sometime in the future. Presley’s talent in politics will probably lead him to serve in the Texas legislature in some future day in some to be determined district.


Olson’s Fourth of July Party

Is the withdraw from the race by Presley the sign of a larger breakdown in the local Democratic Party? Does such a schism exist? And, How will this schism affect their ability to campaign for other candidates such as Sri Kulkarni, or Jackie K. Funkhouser? Will there be further public signs of dysfunction to come from this party as we get closer to election day? Only time will tell.  All that is certain is that Ed Thompson will be Pearland’s next representative in the Texas House. “Honestly it worked out perfectly for the GOP,” Perry observes, “its almost as if they had planned it this way.”


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