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The “Anti-Dress Code” policy… yay or nay?

Change is good. Change is good. Some of us seem to embrace that idea. Cities change. People change. Hairstyles change. There seems to be so much changing, change wants to change.

In another town in another state called California, a school district is making headlines  for recent changes to its dress code.

The Alameda Unified School District adopted a new dress code after female students complained about feeling body-shamed by the enforcement of the old dress code.  25383445_10215645255743231_243813781_o-1 AUSD  dress code change was inspired by a suggested policy  created by the National Organization for Women, Oregon chapter.

The group is calling for schools to adopt gender-neutral, non-sexist student dress codes that never result in lost class time.


The “anti-dress code” policy aka” permissive dress code” allows students to wear pajamas, tube tops, ripped jeans and yoga pants on campus. Few clothing items are off-limits as long as genitals, buttocks, and nipples are covered.

“We believe these changes will reduce inequitable and unnecessary discipline and help us maximize learning time,” a Rep for AUSD said. (Google )


What are your thoughts on the lenient dress code? Is this a change for the better?  Will Pearland follow suit?  Why or why not?

Read more from Fox News.



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