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OPINION: Pearland Voters Should Support the Creation of ESDs

The annexation of Pearland’s etra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) will likely never happen thanks to change in Texas State Law that requires approval of annexation by those who live in the region. It is doubtful anyone would vote for the massive tax increase joining Pearland proper would be; however, a much smaller tax increase could solve the public safety concerns of these Pearland neighbors and it’s a reasonable solution to a looking public safety crisis.

The city of Pearland’s decision to end fire and ems support of Peaeland’s ETJ (which includes Silver Lake) puts citizens lives at risk. Imagine a city where one waits 45 minutes for a fire response because Pearland FD just doesn’t show…. Such a nightmare can be avoided by voters agreeing to the creation of an ESD that can by law only charge a ten cents per $100 value ($100 in total tax increases per $100,0000 value). That might sound like a lot but it’s pennies on the dollar of the cost annexation from the city would cost.

The ESD or Emergency Services District has the ability to raise funds to be used for the purpose of providing emergency services to residents, in this case fire protection and EMS. On this November’s ballot so Pearland voters will get the chance to choose on wither or not two new ESDs Should be created: ESD 4 covering most of Pearlands ETJ, and ESD 5 which covers a region of Silver Lake.

“This is about saving lives,” notes the chairman of Pearland Votes PAC. The political organization that was responsible for reminding tens of thousands of Pearland Citizens to vote in this year’s June city council run off. The PAC has already begun to educate and mobilize voters to secure the creation of what the PAC argues will be a life saving solution to a very serious problem. “We’re talking about wither or not ambulances will pick up your loved one if they have a heart attack, we are talking about response to your neighbors or your own house catching fire… This is as serious as elections get.”

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  1. Just to be clear the individuals that will voting on the ESDs are not residents within the city limits of Pearland. Services to Pearland residents and pay property taxes to Pearland will not change. The change is to the people that live outside the city limits of Pearland and have never paid property taxes to the city for the services that have been provided for decades. So it is not Pearland residents that will voting on this issue but those outside of Pearland.


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