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Two Brazoria County Races in Dead Heat: is Brazoria County Going Blue?

Two Brazoria County positions on the ballot this Tuesday are being characterized as currently being in a tie. This could be the first opportunity for Democrats to take control of Brazoria County in decades. “Democrats had unipolar control of The State of Texas from 1880 to 1980,” remarks Professor of Political Science at the College of the Mainland in Texas City Jason Perry, “for the Democrats to take control of Texas and transition to being a more progressive bastion like California, it starts with these local county and city races.”

Brazoria County Precinct 4 is home to one-fourth of the County’s Constable, Commissioner, and Justice of the Peace positions.  While other precincts were won by Republicans in 2016 with over 60% of the vote, Precinct 4 was won with only 56%. Now two years later more voters have moved into the precinct including many voters in Pearland’s Shadow Creek region which is known for its overwhelming Democratic Party Majority. A recent analysis by Professor Perry shows that Shadow Creek has been turning out in large numbers and is creating the perfect storm for a Democrat take over.

“The 56% the Republicans got in 2016 is not guaranteed to repeat. And with this midterm political climate, the margin will be much smaller for the Republicans. The Democrats have a shot of winning this. The big precinct 4 race that year was for the constable; and, the eventual winner of that race James Brawner had a lot of crossover appeal. You see it in the data. Take Shadow Creek voting precinct 59. Donald Trump won 31% of the votes while Brawner won 35%. Brawner was just more popular than Trump in this county from his crossover appeal, probably because he’s a really good looking man who takes good photos horseback. Realistically this is the year Democrats take control unless Republicans had a really great turn out on election day. If the Republicans want to win this, they’d have to turn all of their people out.”

Photo: Brazoria County Constable James Brawner with family and performing for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

This would all lead any voter to wonder, “what races are in Precinct 4 this year and who is running in them?”  MyPearlandNews looked into the matter.

Justice of the Peace Precinct four Place 2

Photo Left: Incumbent Republican Candidate Judge Sherry Kersh with Pearland’s Mayor Tom Ried,  Photo Right: Democrat challenger FJ Jones, educational diagnostician for Houston ISD and currently elected MUD district member

Brazoria County’s Justice of the Peace Court serving residents of Precinct 4 is one of two toss-up races. Incumbent Sherry Kersh who has held the position for 12 years is being challenged by Houston ISD diagnostician FJ Jones. Sherry Kersh has served as an alternate judge for the city of Brazoria, served as Justice of the Peace Clerk, and even worked in Brazoria County’s District Attorneys office. Kersh seems more qualified with her decades of experience in the courtroom. Jones has no courtroom experience; however, Jones is a capable campaigner who can be found most Sundays giving fiery speeches at local churches.

County Commissioner Precinct 4

Photo Left: Republican Incumbent County Commissioner David Liner Photo Right Democratic Party Challenger Arnetta Murray, a local teacher 

Commissioner David Linder is the incumbent Republican being challenged by local teacher Arnetta Murray. Miss Murray seems to be borrowing a page from the Jones campaign, as she is making many church appearances. Linder is a third generation Brazoria County resident, peace officer, and business owner.

“it seems like Kersh and Linder would take these races for logical reasons,” remarks Professor Perry, “You’ve got the Judge with decades of experience in the court and the proven commissioner who got the county through one of its worst disasters ever in Hurricane Harvey. But this is the year of the Democrat’s Blue wave. This really is a toss-up. We have no idea who is going to win this.”

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