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Hear the sounds of Martian wind on Mars. Recorded by NASA


NASA just announced it has heard the first-ever “sounds” of wind on the red planet. But if you’re expecting howling, crackles and pops, you’re in for a surprise. These are vibrations, captured by NASA’s new Mars InSight lander, which touched down on the Mars, November 26.IMG_16C11F868B9D-1

Scientists agree the sound has an otherworldly quality to it, and they feel as though they’re sitting on the spacecraft, enjoying the martian breeze.

“To me, the sounds are really unworldly,” Bruce Banerdt, the principal investigator of the mission, said during a news conference on Friday. “They do sound like the wind or maybe the ocean kind of roaring in the background. But it also has an unworldly feel to it.”




The craft will stay put until November 24, 2020, measuring quakes that happen anywhere on Mars.



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