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As much as 9% Tax increase will be on May Ballot as City of Pearland Seeks to Borrow More Money

100 pages, that is the length of the city’s new proposal to the voters that will authorize the city to go $120 million more into debt than it is already (you can get MyPearlandNew’s copy of the proposal here). How does the city suggest to pay for this new debt? Some of the projects are already funded through Shadow Creek Ranch’s Tax Incremental Reinvestment Zona (TIRZ), and part through the Transportation Improvement Projects (TIPS) program. However, A lot of the funding seems like its going to come from you the Pearland property owner.

What do they need the money for? How about $1.2 million for an observation deck and canoe launch on a pond? Not a fan of million dollar canoes? There is the new $1.2 million dollar Bike trail, or $10.5 million dollar “sportsplex.”  All of this comes at the price of a 6.5 cents tax increase per $100 dollars value. According to the Brazoria County Tax Assessor Pearland Property owners already pay around 70 cents. This is a 9% tax increase.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 8.51.08 AM
the current tax rate is seen on your last year’s property tax bill
Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 8.49.55 AM
City of Pearland Analysis that tax rates could increase by 6.5 cents
D’Angelo with a few friends at Pearland’s Grazia
New Driver Joseph Rojas wants the bond to see traffic relief

Is this what voters want?  “I need more information,” notes Leisha D’Anelgo long-term Pearland resident, “what is this $2.5million for new park equipment? How do swings sets cost that much?”  D’Angelo did like the $1 million to buy land that could eventually become a new park. Pearland needs more parks. However the debt service frightens D’Angelo, “I might have to take out a home equity loan just to pay my property taxes! This isn’t America!”

Joseph Rojas another resident MyPearlandNews spoke to was for the bond, “we need major investment in our infrastructure and roads. I just became a driver, and I finally learned how bad the traffic really is! We need traffic relief! It shouldn’t take 30 minutes to get to the grocery store! When I read the bond package I saw major investment in roads such a Bailey. We need new options other than 518.”

It’s clear some voters see a tax increase as in investment in a new Pearland with better roads, better traffic, and better parks. Some see it as excessive and a burden on already onerous taxes.  Will this bond succeed?  That depends on how you vote this May, 2019.








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