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Pearland dog set on fire passes away

A dog that was found neglected and severely abused on New Year’s day has died.


A Facebook post said that ‘Smokey’ suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.






“He had too many previous problems that also existed that his little body could not fight off,” the post said. ” Thank you to all that have helped me try my best to help him. We all did everything we could and gave him the best fighting chance.”


Little ‘Smokey’ was rescued by Lori Schiller on New Years Day after a Facebook post went viral. Smokey, a young male, was severely burnt, possibly in a fire pit, and his eyes were lacerated.

After being rushed to 288 Emergency Animal Clinic, the veterinarian discovered Smokie’s kidney levels were low, and X-rays showed he had broken bones in his stomach.

Lori, along with the staff at the 288 Emergency Animal Clinic, tried desperately to save little Smokey.


Little Smokey lived a horrific short life, but the staff at MPN hopes the loving treatment shown to him from Pearland’s good samaritan Lori Schiller and the 288 Emergency Animal Clinic at the end of his life gave him some comfort.

If you believe an animal is being cruelly treated, please call City Of Pearland Animal Services at 281-652-1970.

If the animal’s life is in immediate danger, call 911.


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