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Texas will issue February SNAP benefits early due to shutdown

The Texas Health and Human Services office announced Sunday that the state will provide February food benefits early to SNAP recipients.

SNAP is the program that provides help to millions of low-income families to buy food.  Three and a half million people in Texas get the benefits.

The HHS office says that the early access to the benefits “will give recipients an extended period of time to manage their resources, given the ongoing federal government shutdown and uncertainty about future federal program funding.”

SNAP recipients will see the February benefits on their Lone Star Cards by January 20.

Tips for recipients from the Health and Human Services Commission:

  • Recipients are encouraged to spread out their shopping throughout February instead of making spending it all in one mass trip.
  • People who are already eligible for benefits in February do not need to do anything to get their food stamps
  • People who are in the process of renewing their benefits are encouraged to submit verification documents as soon as possible
  • People who have applied for benefits should submit their verification documents as soon as possible

HHS says that recipients can find updates about the SNAP program at

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