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Video Emerges: Pearland ISD Candidate “feels sorry” for minorities who are Conservative & Uncomfortable Talking with White Conservatives

Medical Doctor Dr. Dona Kim Murphey is a current candidate for Pearland ISD. She attended President Donald Trumps Make America Great Again rally for Ted Cruz at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, as she discusses on an episode of Talk on Main street.  In that episode, Dr. Murphey describes how she assumed conservatives would make verbal or other attacks on her for wearing clothing with Beto O’rouke buttons on it. She posits that maybe it was her wearing the white coat of a doctor that dissuaded the conservatives from attacking her.  In that episode she addresses how many of the Trump Supports seen at the event were “people of color.” She claims they are just like Alex Jones (who was at the event) in that she feels sorry for them. And she’d love to discuss with them why they feel “compelled” to be conservative. The most disturbing sentiment she shares is that she would feel more comfortable talking to a Trump supporter from “communities of color” than a White Trump Supporter. It is not clear what makes white Trump supporters different, and why she feels uncomfortable talking with them.  42% of Latinos voted for Greg Abbott according to CNN, while 36% of African Americans support President Trump according to USA Today. Does that mean Dr. Murphey feels sorry for 42% of Latinos and 36% of African Americans? Some might wonder how someone who so clearly sees the world in such racial terms and feels uncomfortable talking to white conservatives can lead a school district that educates all races of students. Some parents in PISD are the white conservatives she feels uncomfortable talking with. Some parents are minorities who support the president who she feels sorry for. How can she oversee the education of children while harboring these feelings for their parents?  Her comments on these issues appear from 5 minutes to 8 minutes in this video:



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