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Opinion: All Pearland ISD Students Matter Why Don’t Candidates Understand That?

Every student in the Pearland ISD matters and local campaigns for Board of Trustee’s of the district should reflect that. Unfortunately, a look at the campaign pages and events being operated by the current candidates on the left and right of the political spectrum show how out of touch with reality the Pearland Political Class has really become.

Dr. Dona Kim Murphy is launching her campaign with an event entitled “Why 6.0 isn’t Good enough.” Murphy, who was educated at Harvard, will at the event explain how having a 6.0 GPA won’t guarantee your way into the Ivy Leagues. She promises for $30 to share the secrets of elite college admission as part of her academic focus on high achieving students. The problem is that not everyone’s kid goes to Harvard.

There are readers right now who just hope their kid makes a C in algebra. There is a reader out there hoping their child only gets detention this semester and not ISS. Some parents have at-risk students who need special attention and attend the district’s PACE center.  Not every kid is going to go to college. Some kids will become welders, electricians, HVAC workers, and others who help keep America running. Some students will be managers in the hospitality industry or serve in the military.  A myopic focus on Ivy League attendance is just the tip of the iceberg in illuminating how out of touch the political class has become.

Dr. Murphey’s Opponent Rebbecca Decker’s Facebook Page  (she has no formal website) has literally no policy to be found on it at all. Decker boasts of her own high achieving child’s achievements while focusing almost all of her attention on the celebration of the fine art programs in the District. Decker covers plays, choir performances, artwork, etc. But again, not everyone’s kid is gifted or into the arts.

The filing deadline to run for office has not closed yet. Hopefully, a candidate will emerge who is for all students. Gifted, average, and at risk. For students who like football and for students who enjoy musicals. Where is the candidate who speaks for all students in Pearland ISD? Hopefully one will emerge soon.





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