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First Buc-ee’s outside of Texas is getting sued for low gas prices

The first Buc-ee’s location outside of Texas opened its doors on Jan. 21. in Baldwin County.

According to, Oasis Travel Center LLC has sued Buc-ee’s in federal court saying the company is illegally selling gasoline for less than Alabama state law allows.

The law, which passed in 1984, prohibits oil companies from selling fuel for less than it costs to buy and transport it to the retail outlet.

The lawsuit claims that Buc-ee’s opening day price of about $1.80 per gallon violated the Alabama Motor Fuel Marketing Act, which says companies cannot sell gas for less than it costs to buy and transport to a retail outlet.

The lawsuit says Alabama’s current lowest price is $2 per gallon.

Buc-ee’s attorney Jeff Nadalo says the company promises to deliver high-quality fuel priced competitively and always strives to the customers’ choice.


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