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Pearland ISD Candidate Claims to Be on a Mission to Flip PISD to Liberal Control as New Candidates Emerge

Dr. Dona Kim Murphey, MD recently made a social media post (featured below at the end of the article) about two candidates for Pearland ISD, Joseph Say & Al Lloyd, who are challenging the incumbent school board members. My Pearland News has previously reported that Dr. Murphey has protested in favor of sanctuary cities, and stated she “felt sorry” for minorities who were conservative while feeling uncomfortable talking to white conservatives.  Dr. Murphey is not only a candidate herself for Pearland ISD (running against incumbent Rebecca Decker). Dr. Murphey is also a high profile liberal activist being the founder of the 3 million-member PainSuit Republic group, a liberal organization.  Recently Dr. Murphey in a post on Facebook to the group PMG/FPG claims that Say & Llyod were running with her as a team; Dr. Murphey claims, “I am running with a software engineer and staunch feminist from Microsoft and the AP of Bellaire Highschool.” Dr. Murphey claims in the post the three are attempting to “vote out” the current school board by defeating all three incumbents on the ballot this year.  If Dr. Murphey and her alleged team were successful in their races Pearland would elect: 2018 Democratic Party endorsed Llyod, self-described community organizer Murphey, and “Staunch Feminist” Say.  These three would join Democratic State Party Treasurer and Pearland ISD trustee Mike Floyd to create a liberal majority in the Pearland ISD board.

Dr. Murphey alleges in a Facebook post that the current Pearland ISD school board are “patting themselves on the back” due to the fact Pearland ISD has high achieving students. Murphey claims this reality is just a reflection of the affluence of Pearland.  Murphey points to a claim that Pearland ISD is 60% non-white, which is correct Pearland ISD is 62% non-white. Murphey claims that minorities in Pearland Schools are unfairly disadvantaged stating, “the lack of educational equity is alarming.” What makes Dr. Murphey’s statements hard to follow is that the majority of Pearland ISD students by her own admission are high achieving, and the majority are non-white. This is only possible if a large portion (if not a majority) of the non-white students are excelling in school. Dr. Murphey does not actually explain in her post how non-white students are disadvantaged. Rather, she simply claims they are. She refers to Pearland ISD as a “toxically adversarial academic environment,” adding  “given an oppressive district culture, a spate of youth suicides followed.”  Dr. Murphey claims Pearland ISD pushes a hateful policy on LGBT students. Murphey argues the only way she could think of to fix this inequality was to run for school board herself.

In regards to the candidates who recently entered the Pearland ISD race, Joseph Say is a Software Engineer, the University of St. Thomas graduate, and resident of Pearland. He is running for Pearland ISD board of trustee’s position 6 against incumbent Lance Botkin.  Say has addressed class sizes, teacher salaries, and student success in his campaign materials. Mr. Say says in his introduction video that he is running to ensure all of Pearland’s children have a quality education.  Mr. Say states in his video he has lived in Pearland since 2008. My Pearland News reached out to Mr. Say for information on his campaign and Say never responded.

While Mr. Say is a newcomer to politics, Al Lloyd is no stranger to Pearland Voters. Mr. Lloyd has run for Pearland ISD trustee before. He most recently ran last year against current Pearland ISD trustee Crystal Carbone.  Mr. Lloyd is an Assistant Principal at Bellaire High school and has been in education for more than 25 years. Mr. Lloyd was previously one of a few local government candidates endorsed by the state level Texas Democratic Party.  Lloyd is running against incumbent Jeff Barry.

While Dr. Murphey is claiming to be running with Say and Lloyd as a team, neither men have stated on social media or their campaign materials so far that they are in fact working in tandem with Murphey.  Nor have either men made posts about a plot to “vote out” Pearland ISD to liberal control.  Will the Harvard educated neuroscientist Dr. Dona Murphey succeed in her plot to dominate the school board for political ends? Pearland will find out on election day May 4th, 2019.








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