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Video: Argument Breaks Out in Pearland City Council on Connecting Houston’s MLK BLVD to Pearland, Should the Name Remain MLK BLVD in Pearland?

Kirby Drive in Houston will eventually cross into Pearland, so the Pearland City Council named the street that Kirby will connect to “Kirby Drive,” so it would match. Cullen is a street which already crosses into Pearland which is named Cullen both in Houston and in Pearland. And when it comes to planning for the future where Martin Luther King Boulevard will cross into Pearland, the city wants it to be named Max road? Why cause the confusion? Why break the tradition of keeping the nomenclature the same? What is it about Martin Luther King Blvd that makes the city not want the name Martin Luther King Blvd to continue into Pearland? This is the line of questioning that Councilman Reed was asking when a heated debate broke out between himself and Councilman Trent Perez (seen in the video below).

Houston is expected to move up from the fourth largest city in America to third largest after the 2020 census. And, Martin Luther King Blvd is one of the most majorly trafficked and recognizable streets of this metropolis. Why would the City of Pearland add confusion to drivers navigating the area by changing its name to Max? Moreso wouldn’t it be easier for an EMS responding to a 911 call to find a location on Pearland’s MLK since they would most likely already know where Houston’s MLK is already located. What is it that makes it so unpalatable to the council to keep the name the same?  While most of the councilmen seem to be adverted into getting into a debate on this issue, Councilman Trent Perez welcomes the debate going as far as to get into a contentious exchange with Councilman Reed. Trent Perez defends the course of action the city is taking to prevent the street from being name MLK.  Ironically this meeting took place on Feb 25th, during black history month.

According to the argument, the city is taking the city that will connect to MLK in Houston is at one point referred to as Max road. So as a courtesy to people living on the street Pearland wants to keep the name all the way through the city so the residents don’t have to update their letterhead and change their business cards.  The problem emerges that as this street would move into north Pearland it would run parallel to another street called Max Road in Brookside Village. So the City of Pearland is formally requesting another city to change the name of their street so that Pearland can keep the name Max road.   While this is all a very plausible story, one wonders if this isn’t just some giant bureaucratic move to avoid having an MLK Blvd in Pearland.


The video below takes a few seconds to start after you press play. There is nothing wrong with your phone or computer. 

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