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Breakfast taco could become official state breakfast of Texas

Everyone loves breakfast tacos- and soon it may be patriotic to eat the savory breakfast food.

That’s right. One Texas Lawmaker wants to designate the breakfast taco as the official state breakfast item of Texas.

happy little girl with tacos and thumb up

Rep. Stephanie Klick (R-Fort Worth) filed HCR 123 on March 7th, which would make breakfast tacos the official breakfast of the state.

The resolution reads:

WHEREAS, No matter where or when it got its start, the breakfast taco has quickly become popular with both native Texans and delighted visitors from across the nation; as long as it includes a tortilla and is eaten for breakfast, the breakfast taco can range from the simplest (tortilla and egg) to the traditional (tortilla and machacado con huevo) to the innovative (tortilla, eggs, and hot dogs) to the most extravagant (tortilla plus whatever else is on the menu), and it can be enjoyed in every corner of the state.


Read the full resolution here.

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