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VIDEOS: Will Pearland ISD Candidate’s Recklessness Politics Endanger Our Children? Why Dr. Murphy’s Politics are Scarier than We All Thought

I have a confession to make; I originally supported Drag Queen Storytime. A man in a wig reading the book See Spot Run to kids. If that’s what parents want to show their kids, what’s the big deal? Then I saw the video from what actually happens at some of these children themed drag events. At an All Ages Drag queen convention in nearby Austin (The Austin International Drag Festival) during a family portion for children drag queens, there were adult drag queens twerking, sexually dancing, and doing their adult night club act to a room full of children who appear to be less than five years old (see below video).  This isn’t about drag queens. No one man, women, drag queen or anything should be sexually dancing for two-year-olds. That’s just reality. Such a concept is what excited Pearland social when it was revealed that Pearland ISD Candidate and Harvard educated Psychician Dr. Dona Kim Murphy supports Drag Queen Storytime.  Parents became concerned with Dr. Murphy’s support of the story time as one performer in the storytime was a convicted and registered sex offender.   This situation with Houston Public Library’s Drag Queen Storytime and related security concerns got so bad that the Houston Library System has now discontinued Drag Storytime as of Today March 20th, 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 12.17.56 PM.png
an Adult Drag queen with a child drag queen from the video below


A social media post about Dr. Murphey’s support of the event

Now as some parents pointed out on social media It is probably the case that Dr. Dona Kim Murphey had endorsed Drag Queen Storytime before these developments came out. However, that is the point of this article. Wouldn’t you eat at a restaurant and try it out before you suggested to your friend that this particular restaurant cater their wedding? And shouldn’t have  Dr. Dona Kim Murphey looked into child themed Drag Queen events, how they are run, and what’s going on there before she endorsed such entertainment? Was Dr. Murphey just trying to score points with the far left of Pearland? Or, does Dr. Murphey actually support this event and would want to bring it Pearland?  This isn’t a far stretch as an American elementary school recently featured an X rated drag strip show as children’s entertainment.

This, however, points to a larger pattern in Dr. Dona Kim Murphy’s shoot by the hip, poorly thought out or researched politics and activism. Some of which threatens the actual physical safety of our students.  On September 18th, 2018 on a live-streamed episode of the web series Talk On Main Street,  Dr. Dona Kim Murphey appears at a protest near the Texas-Mexico border where she protests in front of a child care facility being run by American immigration-related law enforcement.  Child immigrants were being held by the government. Now many of us would debate politics of the child detention or the fact Dr. Murphy is a sanctuary city and open borders advocate however, the paramount issue seen in the video is Dr. Dona Kim Murphey’s idea related to keeping the safety of minor children.

In the video (shown below) Dr. Murphey stands at the front fence gate of the child care center located dozens of feet away from the front door of the child care center where a law enforcement official stands. Dr. Murphey cannot get the officer to respond to her as she yells questions at him. The video clearly shows Dr. Murphey open the front gate to a child care center as a way of baiting the officer to have to engage with her. The officer has to walk to where Dr. Murphey is standing to close the gate. Dr. Murphey uses this action as an opportunity to get in a verbal argument with the officer.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 5.18.01 PM
Dr. Dona Kim Murphey Opens a gate to a child care center forcing law enforcement to walk over and close the gate.


Now we have to understand the law enforcement officials are the ones in charge of these minor children just liked educators are in charge of our children every day.  I myself am an educator who is often contracted by my Employer (a college) to go to ISD schools and teach dual credit. To be allowed on a public school campus one must first go to a specific service provider and have laser fingerprints taken. These are used in an exhaustive background check and study that is done over a weeks time. Then after passing this background check and having one’s fingerprints saved to a state database, an educator can be allowed on a public school campus. Every ISD I have ever dealt with requires the school to ahead of time setting up my being at the school & I must appear with photo ID of the college attached to me and visible at all times.

Dr. Murphy appears at the childcare center with an angry mob and demands to be let into the facility filled with minor children who are strangers to her. She demands to be allowed to roam around the campus of children. She has not called ahead of time and set this up, they do not know who she is, and it’s doubtful she is in the educator’s database and has been fingerprinted and passed background checks.  She argues that she’s a doctor so she should be let in. How do the law enforcement officials know she really is a doctor, anyone can buy a doctors coat at the scrubs store (it’s a popular Halloween costume). She could just be a crazy person in a doctor’s coat. There is no reason she should be let in, but she demands to be let in the facility anyway.

Is this how Dona Kim Murphey believes the safety of minors should work? That dozens of strangers should be let into our schools to roam around? Should anyone in a doctors coat be let into random daycares or schools? Does Dona Kim Murphy think out the things she says or does?

The altercation with her and law enforce begins in the below video at 21 minutes 50 seconds  (MPN almost always posts videos in full and not 30-second “gotcha” clips so readers can see the entire video in context)


This reminds us of Dr. Dona Kim Murphy’s plan for race-based hiring practice that includes ideas tantamount to quotas. Quotas are illegal (United States v Weber citing Bakke). Dr. Murphey claimed there are enough African American teachers so we don’t need to hire more (illegal), that white teachers are over-represented and their numbers as a percentage need to go down (illegal), and that we need to hire teachers just for being Asian (illegal). Her practices are based on proportional representation which is illegal. Her ideas for racial hiring practices would lead to cash lawsuits under 42 USC 1983. Her ideas could cost the school district millions.  Again we have to ask ourselves, Does Dr.  Murphy really think out her own ideas or research them?  Is she just making vague claims about LGBT, immigrants, and racial hiring to score points with some sort of extreme left elements or is she serious in these odd and often times dangerous ideas. Pearland will have to wait to find out.


Correction: a previous version of this article mentioned the drag twerking video was from a Houston event, it was an Austin event. 

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