Pearland TX

Brazos River Update from Commissioner Linder


Friends & Neighbors,

635882945670870000The Brazos River has now risen to just shy of the 50’ mark in Rosharon and the current forecast is for it to hold around this level for a few days. Please remember this is Mother Nature and subject to change within a short notice. I feel very fortunate that today’s rains were mostly outside of the Brazos River Basin. Most, but not all of the rain today that fell in the Brazos Basin fell above Waco and north of Lake Whitney which is a flood control reservoir and still has pool capacity, which is good. They will have to release more water at some point but for now, they are holding what they can and only releasing a minimum. Lake Somerville has done a great job as well thus far only releasing minimal amounts of water. With all this being said, further rise on the Brazos will hinge on the rain which is forecasted in the basin over the next several days. Please continue to be prepared, be vigilant and have a plan to take action if needed. We are doing all we possibly can to pass along good and accurate information.  My Prayers are that the rain forecasted over the next several days falls outside of the Brazos River Basin. Thanks and God Bless.


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