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FJ Jones for JP? Pearland 2020 Elections Off to Early Start

The 2020 election is more than a year away; However, some candidates are already campaigning for office. Elected official FJ Jones (a current MUD district trustee) is running to be Pearland’s next Justice of the Peace representing Brazoria County Precinct 4.  Precinct 4 represents the westernmost part of the county from Shadow Creek Ranch down to West Columbia. FJ Jones ran in 2018 and nearly won election eventually losing by only a small margin. Will 2020 be the year that FJ becomes Judge Jones?

FJ Jones announced on Facebook an upcoming event June 28th in Pearland featuring PISD Trustee Mike Floyd that Jones noted as the start of her 2020 journey on her FJ Jones for JP page.  MyPearlandNews reached out to Leisha D’Angelo a campaign manager of many successful campaigns including the JP Campaign of Judge Sherry Kersh who defeated FJ in 2018 for the following interview below.

An Add Promoting FJ’s upcoming event

MPN: You ran a campaign against FJ Jones, tell the readers what that was like:
D’Angelo: It was heartbreaking honestly. It was the hardest campaign I’ve ever run because I like FJ so much. I met her at a Pearland City Council meeting she had attended to speak at. I’ve since met her many times. I adore her as she is a strong woman and such a great female leader. We need more feisty women like her in leadership positions in the county.

MPN: Do you think she has a chance at winning in 2020
D’Angelo: All the Democrats have a chance of winning in 2020 thanks to what’s called the D triple C orDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The DCCC is a pool of money that has announced it will be targeting Pearland and surrounding areas with millions of dollars in resources to help win a local congressional race. FJ will benefit from their Democrat turn out machine. The DCCC Already opened an office in the area.  Precinct 4 was won by Republicans by 56% in 2016 but only 54% in 2018. The Precinct has been trending Democrat, and FJ might be the candidate to take it blue.

MPN: What is her biggest challenge to winning
D’Angelo: The problem with her race is that her JP district is the same as the constable’s district. Constable James Brawner will be running for Precinct 4. James Brawner the most popular elected official in Brazoria County. Thousands of Republicans will turn out in that precinct just to vote for Brawner which will probably propel the Republican JP candidate into office riding on Brawner’s coattails.

It will be interesting to see how the 2020 Precinct 4 elections go MyPearlandNews will be watching.


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