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Brazoria County Primary Challenges Begin! Obama Endorsed Bell Faces off Against New Comer Barnes

In 2018, Adrienne Bell was part of the first round of endorsements President Barak Obama ever made. Obama quickly endorsed Bell in her bid for Texas US House District 14.  The groups Democracy for America and a Brand New Congress endorsed Bell in 2018, and both groups have already endorsed her 2020 run for United States House Texas District 14.  Pearland voters will recognize Bell as she previously ran twice for Pearland City Council being defeated by Keith Ordeneux and later Trent Perez.

Bell is a Democrat who supports causes such as the orange movement for gun control. Bell’s campaign Facebook page claims to “stand with planned parenthood,” among other various liberal positions.  Bell seems to be the cookie cutter liberal Democrat who hopes to eventually run against conservative Republican incumbent Randy Weber. But first, Bell has to win her own Democrat Primary which will include Brazoria County’s Democratic Party Primary (Southern Brazoria County Democrats will vote in this race).   My Pearland News reached out to a Galveston County Democrat insider who discussed Bell’s uphill battle, “She is facing a more serious challenge in this primary than in the last cycle with Sanjanetta Barnes in the running. Democrats will have to decide if Bell can adjust her campaign strategy to defeat Weber this time or if it’s time to let someone else take a shot at it.”  While some may dismiss Bell’s run many people are taking her seriously. High Profile Texas Candidate Kim Olson appeared with Bell at an event.

Above Photos: Kim Olson’s Post about her Event with Bell & a Photo of Bell at an Orange Event for Gun Control

Veteran Sanjanetta Barnes will be running against Bell. Barnes pictured below with Hillary Clinton, kicked off her campaign June 18th, 19th, and 20th in three campaign parties. One campaign kick-off for each of the three counties that the District represents.  Barnes’ campaign is operated out of League City and features a website with no listed policy positions. Barnes’ Facebook Page also featured no policy positions.   Barnes’ starts her events with the Pledge of Allegiance. The Chair of the Democratic Party of Galveston County was at Barnes’ Galveston County event to support her showing division in the party.  Barnes’ campaign event featured a speaker who felt that Texas is a battleground state in 2020 and District 14 is a toss-up district.  Barnes’ event promised a harder-fought race than what was seen in 2018.  This will be an interesting primary in Southern Brazoria County.


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