Pearland TX

Court Ruling Makes Pearland’s 2020 Election Most Important Election of Next 10 years

The Supreme Court of the United States in a shocking ruling today claims that the gerrymandering of electoral districts for political gain is a politically based reality whose questioning is outside of the scope of the federal courts to entertain.  This creates a huge opportunity for the 2021 Texas Legislative session. Whichever party wins control of the Texas House of Representatives could gerrymander Texas House, Texas Senate, and United States Congressional districts in a deeply partisan way guaranteeing that Texas was either Democrat or Republican controlled for the next ten years. Texas will be adding new US congressional seats that will now for sure be deeply gerrymandered for partisan gain.

The Brazoria County Commissioners Court will also be drawing Constable, Justice of the Peace, and County Commissioner districts that will most likely be extremely gerrymandered following today’s ruling.   Again whoever wins county control in 2020 will be able to control the creation of the map.   What is clear is that if Texas “Goes blue” in 2020 the Democrats will gerrymander their way to complete control for the next ten years.  Will the Democrats have a complete take over of our state? Only the voters will be able to control that.

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