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Families fleeing California in droves …and moving to Texas

The Californians are coming!

According to a new U.S. Census Bureau report, approximately 691,000 people moved from California to another state in 2018.

It’s the seventh year in a row that more people have left the Golden state than moved in (501,000 moved TO California in 2018) and their number 1 destination to relocate to is the Lone Star State.

 U.S. Census Bureau’s 2018 annual American Community Survey shows popular destinations for California families :

Texas: 86,164 people

Arizona: 68,516 people

Washington: 55,467 people

Nevada: 50,707 people

Oregon: 43,058 people

Colorado: 28,288 people

Florida: 26,888 people

New York: 25,255 people

Virginia: 21,210 people

Idaho: 21,018 people

Warmer weather, beautiful beaches, the natural beauty of California…why in the world would anyone want to leave the Golden State?  MPN reached out to a famous California resident for answers…

58933259_412960009503659_4317875466145890304_n-585x878“Republicans and conservative families are leaving in search of like minds while overall California’s middle class is leaving in search of jobs and affordable housing,” said Historian, Political Analyst, and Author of “The DIVIDED ERA”Tom Del Beccaro.



Any Native Texas can tell you why Texas is great. Politically speaking, the Lone Star State is the antithesis of California.  Our state leaders are pro-business, anti-tax, support small government, pro-gun and pro-life.  We offer affordable housing and well-paying jobs (and lots of them)–Texas added more jobs last year than any other state.

And, by the way, California people, y’all should know that Texans are the best kind of people to meet.  Maybe it’s our southern hospitality, our great sense of humor, our unmatched cooking skills, our barbecue, our tacos, and of course our Buc-ee’s and Dr. Pepper.  You simply will never go hungry around us.  Period.

If you do have plans to relocate to our great state, our Governor has a message for you:


(for full disclosure the Author is from California and she moved to Texas as fast as she could to share one message with you today…Epstein didn’t kill himself…)

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