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Obituary: Abigail Rose Arias

Abigail Rose Arias

75371591_2389921254671006_1530415075129556992_oAbigail Rose Arias of Angleton, Texas was welcomed into the loving arms of her Lord and Savior on November 5, 2019.  While she was only with us for seven short years, her impact on this earth will be everlasting as her memory will continue to spread joy and courage to others for many years to come.

Abigail, the beautiful daughter of Ruben and Ilene Arias, was born in Houston, Texas on June 28, 2012.  She grew up attending Second Baptist Church of Angleton with her family and loved attending Awanas, Sunday School, and Children’s Choir. She got her start in school at Holy Comforter Preschool before heading to Westside Elementary.  Abigail absolutely loved school and playing with her friends, and she adored her teachers.  She was happiest when surrounded by other children, especially her cousins.  No matter the occasion, when they were together there was sure to be lots of smiles and belly laughs.  On any given day, Abigail could be seen singing and dancing, jumping on the trampoline, playing with her Barbies, or running and having fun outside.  Some of her favorite activities were playing softball, swimming, and spending time at the park with her family. She was a bubbly ball of energy, full of laughter and joy.  Abigail lit up any room she entered and people were naturally drawn to her infectious smile and outgoing personality. She loved to joke and be silly because more than anything she always wanted people around her to be happy. One of her favorite pastimes was watching sports with her dad. She would always ask what team he was rooting for and then playfully tell him she was cheering for the other team. She loved sleepovers at her grandmother’s house where they would share snacks and cuddles, but no sleepover was complete until Abigail, after repeated requests, would get her Grandma to tell another story about her mom, Ilene, when she was a child. She would listen intently and then laugh and laugh and ask for one more.

Abigail had a fierce love for her brother, Ethan, that was at times territorial.  That love and protection was most definitely reciprocated; Ethan was the perfect, supportive big brother, especially through her time spent in the hospital.  Abigail’s face would immediately light up when he walked into the room to visit. He was her very best friend and the bond they share is irreplaceable. While her body is gone from its earthly shell, Abigail will forever remain Ethan’s guardian angel.

If you ever had the honor of meeting Abigail, you know a hug and a smile were most certainly a must. Even when she had to stay at the hospital for treatment, she remained happy and full of life.  She was always on the go – playing hide and seek, circling the unit floor, or visiting the hospital garden or playroom where she loved to be around the other children any chance she could.

Last fall, Abigail was invited to a holiday event hosted by Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey.  They became fast friends and constant companions. They battled over her infatuation with llamas, and she was determined to win the Chief over to her way of thinking that ”Cops really do play with Llamas!” It was during an opportunity to deliver Christmas gifts through the Blue Santa program, to other children in the community, that Abigail expressed her desire to one day become a police officer so she could help people too. Thanks to the City of Freeport and Chief Garivey, her wish was granted on February 7, 2019, when she was sworn in as a Freeport Police Officer and given badge number 758. In the months that followed, she managed to capture the hearts of thousands around the world. We were all captivated to see her story unfold as she was honored by numerous law enforcement agencies and organizations throughout Texas, as well as the rest of the country.

Abigail’s presence was far reaching as people from all walks of life united to pray for a miracle, to pray for help in her relentless fight to beat ‘the bad guys.’ About two weeks before her passing, Abigail told her mom that she knew she would be “healed from the top of her head to the tips of her toes,” and that is exactly what happened.  Our prayers were not in vain.  Abigail did beat the bad guys.  She is completely healed, pain free, and her new and perfect body lives in Heaven with her Lord and Savior.  Our prayers for a miracle were answered in Abigail.  She WAS the miracle.  The miracle of a seven year old tiny soul that God used as His perfect vessel to deliver the message of hope and love. She was joy and courage personified, leaving a legacy for all of us to cherish every day and the blessings it holds to the fullest.  Abigail’s story knows no bounds.  It will continue to be told throughout our lifetime and beyond as a testament to us all to live our lives with absolute meaning and purpose until we are united with her again.

Abigail is preceded in death by grandfather Russell Naumann, Sr. and her uncle Cesar Augusto Arias, Jr.

She is survived by her loving parents, Ruben and Ilene, and brother, Ethan; grandmother Clara Naumann of Brazoria; grandparents Mercedes and Cesar Arias, Sr. of Oyster Creek; Uncle Rusty Naumann, Jr. and Aunt Angela of Bullard, Texas; Uncle Rommel Arias and Aunt Olivia Arias both of Angleton, Texas; cousins Niko and Noah Naumann and Darrian, Gabriella, Rommel Jr., and Ava Arias; and special friends, who became family, Raymond and Nancy Garivey.

The family would like to thank the doctors and nurses at Texas Children’s Hospital for the incredible care they provided Abigail during her treatments, Angleton ISD, the wonderful teachers and staff of Westside Elementary, the Garivey Family, the entire Freeport Police Department, Aaron Slater and Daniella Delgado of ReLentless Defender Family, Steve and Kelly Burke of Onsitedecals, and dear friend, Octavio Tijerina Jr. for his vision that became a reality for what is now known as Officer 758’s Cancer Fight Foundation. Words cannot even begin to explain the family’s gratitude towards the numerous Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the nation and beyond for welcoming Abigail into the Blue Family as one of your own.

The Arias family would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the organizations Make a Wish Foundation, Southern Outdoor Dreams, When You Dream a Dream, Trinity Oaks, Blue Lives Matter, Vapor Wake K9, and Terry Hunt with Federal Law Enforcement Associations for making Abigail’s last few months on Earth filled with amazing experiences for her. You have given her family memories to last a lifetime.  The family is grateful for the Board of Directors of Officer 758’s Cancer Fight Foundation, who will ensure that Abigail’s legacy is carried out through the mission to bring awareness to the fight against childhood cancer so that no child feels forgotten; the Foundation’s Board vows that “Abigail’s Reach” will continue far and wide.

There will be visitation, Monday, November 11, 2019 from 5:00p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Second Baptist Church Angleton (1817 Shanks Road Angleton, TX 77515).

Funeral service will be held at Grace Church Houston (14505 Gulf Freeway, Houston Texas 77034) on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 10:00a.m.

Pallbearers are Rommel Arias Sr., Rusty Naumann, Jr., Brian Brege, Armando Escobedo, and Jose Escobedo.

At the request of the family, please refrain from cell phone use and photography/videography.

Due to limited space and parking, only the family, close friends, and Brazoria County First responders are invited back to Restwood Cemetery immediately following the funeral service for interment.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Officer 758’s Cancer Fight (85 Oak Dr, Ste 102, Lackson, TX 77566).


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