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Family Heartbroken as Their MicroChipped Cat was Euthanized by Pearland Animal control

Many pet owners have a microchip implanted into their pets. These microchips are placed under the skin of an animal and are about the size of a large grain of rice. The chips use radio waves to interact with a microchip reader.  Animal agencies, veterinarians, rescue organizations, etc. can then locate lost pets, read the microchip signal the pet’s chips transmits and find in seconds the owner of the lost pet.

Millions of Americans microchip their pets hoping that if their own pet went missing the authorities could read the chip and reunite them.  News media is filled with countless stories of Vets, and municipal governments reunited lost pets with their owners. Stories of pets reunited after cross country trips,  being reunited after being missing 8 years, and even stories of holiday reunions are commonplace.  What isn’t commonplace is a kind of story recently posted to social media about Pearland City Government’s Animal control.

Rebecca Au took to social media to explain her family’s recent interaction with Pearland Animal Control where she claims the City of Pearland killed a cat, and then after it was dead checked it for a microchip, upon which they learned the identity of the cat’s owners. She retells the story in the photos seen below:

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My Pearland News reached out to local animal rights activist Tammy Dexter who has been working to reduce the kill rate in Pearland and eventually make Pearland no-kill for ten years Mrs. Dexter stated
    “This has happened before and has been documented that there have been traps set and cats killed right off the truck. I’ve personally seen officers refuse to check for a chip in fear of being scratched only to euthanize that animal anyways. This city should be heading in a No Kill direction, however, we seem to be returning to a city that traps and kills people’s pets. This is unacceptable. Residents need to contact the city council and demand that the policies be re-evaluated and those who refuse to do the job hired to do, as in help safeguard and return pets to owners should be removed from their position. Pearland has been the type of City other Cities try to emulate, we cannot fall short in this area when most families see their pets as part of their family… not just an animal to be put down if found in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Pearland needs to do better.”
       Pearland Pet Hub Animal Rescue Organization shared similar sentiments to Mrs. Dexter in this statement seen below:


It will be interesting to see what if any reaction the Pearland City Government, Pearland Animal Control, or Pearland City Council has as their government is already receiving so much attention for their controversial statement on the destruction of the local muscovy duck population, which many found insensitive.

Pearland citizens love their pets. Pearland was even chosen as the location of the new dog-day-care business Camp Bow-wow.

With so many in Pearland being firm animal lovers, one questions when Pearland’s city government will catch up to the will of Pearland citizens.



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