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30 Days in Jail for Texas Ice Cream Licker – Paying Damages to Blue Bell

D’Adrian Anderson is a young man in Port Arthur, Texas who walked into a grocery store and licked a Blue Bell Ice Cream container and put it back on the shelf in a video that went viral as part of a stream of ice cream lickings last year.Various media outlets including CNN and are reporting he will spend 30 days in jail, do 100 hours of community service, pay a $1,000 fine, and pay criminal restitution to Blue Bell Ice Cream of $1565.

Some are criticizing the sentence as Mr. Anderson claimed it was a hoax video he did to gain internet fame (with the original video reported as getting 157,000 views). The original video is made to look as if he just put the ice cream back on the shelf and left the store. Mr. Anderson actually after making the video purchased the container of ice cream and had the receipt and ice cream to prove it.

Some claim since the man really didn’t put the ice cream back on the shelf the sentence is excessive even leading some to claim it is racist and an example of white privilege considering a white man Brock Turner received only 90 days for rape, and this is 30 days for licking ice cream.  Others feel the punishment fits the crime. What do you think?

see the original ice cream lick video below

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