Pearland TX

Coronavirus fears lead to panic shopping at Pearland grocery stores

Pearland shoppers are heading to the grocery store to stock up on food and supplies as fear over the coronavirus grows.

IMG_1490At 6 p.m., around 50 shoppers waited outside Heb- Pearland Parkway just for a chance to get inside the almost bare grocery store.






Sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizers are sold out, but other pantry staples, including meat, bread, rice, and soup are also as good as gone.


Other grocers are reporting similar trends.

In a public statement, H-E-B said it was implementing limits on how much consumers could buy of some items to “help protect the supply chain in Texas.”

While Walmart stores say, “We’re dedicated to keeping stores stocked and prices fair. We’re working hard to replenish cleaning supplies, paper products, and other in-demand items as quickly as possible—and at our everyday low prices. We’re taking a firm stance against price gouging from third-party sellers, so if you see it happening, please report your concern.”

The market research company Neilson says spikes in retail spending have coincided with major COVID-19 news events like government news conferences and public health announcements.




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