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Box of newborn puppies found abandoned behind a dumpster

In Houston, newborn puppies abandoned in a cardboard box were discovered on Thursday. No one was around to see who dumped them. No one knows how long they were left alongside the dumpster.

The Harris County Animal Shelter described the puppies as being just a few days old and while it is too early to tell, the shelter believes they may be Labrador Retrievers.



In a Facebook post, the shelter said,

A concerned citizen discovered these adorable newborn puppies behind a dumpster and brought them to our shelter for a chance to be saved. We are seeking help from the community to rescue or foster these puppies who are need of extra care and loving homes. Their ID numbers are A552012, A552013, A552014, A552015, A552016, A552017, A552018, A552019 & A552120.

To meet the cute canines, please message visit the shelter at:

Harris County Animal Shelter
612 Canino Road, Houston, TX 77076
281-999-3191 Press 0
Phone Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (Closed 12pm – 1pm) and Sat-Sun 8:30am-4pm



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