Pearland TX

Puppy Carried Away by “Bird of Prey” Owner Assumes the Worst

Martha Shanahan a local resident just lived every pet owner’s nightmare. According to an email and phone conversation My Pearland News had with her, she claims her small Yorkie dog was abducted and carried away by a large bird in the Pearland Area.Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 6.10.44 PM11

MPN reached out to the City of Pearland Delores Fenwick Nature Center who referred us to a guide for large ‘birds of prey’  in the area that claimed the bird who carried off Ms. Shanahan’s dog could be anything from a bald eagle to a Cooper’s Hawk.

Ms. Shanahan consulted the said guide of large birds and believes the bird to be some sort of hawk.

Experts consulted told My Pearland News that some Pearland area birds can carry prey with them that weighs as much as 10 pounds. Ms. Shanahan said her young Yorkie dog who was not even 1 year old yet was just under 5 pounds.

Ms. Shanahan’s story is heartbreaking and serves as a warning to any small dog owner that Pearland maybe be a bird sanctuary but it is not necessarily a sanctuary for small toy dogs.






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