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Pearland COVID-19 patient desperately needs plasma donation


Rohan Bavadekar is a 42-year-old Pearland resident, husband, and father of three and he needs your help to save his life.

Rohan is in critical condition after testing positive for the novel coronavirus. There may be a way to save him. Here’s where you or someone you know comes in.

The FDA has approved the emergency exchange investigational trial, which involves using the blood plasma from a recovered coronavirus patient in order to treat another in critical condition.

Manasi Gokhale is hoping this trial can save her husband’s life.

What they need is someone who has had coronavirus and has been symptom-free for 14 days. This experimental treatment could not only save Rohan’s life but countless others. Your plasma donation could help turn this whole pandemic around.

Please if you or someone you know meets these criteria, contact Sandesh at 832-623-3657 or Bhushan at 208-313-1480.

Rohan’s wife shared in a Facebook post:

Dearest Family, friends, and well-wishers,
It is my fervent prayer that you’re all taking care of each other and protecting yourselves during these trying times. It is with despair and intense anxiety that I share the trauma that my family is undergoing right now. My beloved husband, Rohan, has been severely stricken with the dreaded Covid 19. He is desperately ill and has been hospitalized for the past week. His condition is dire. I want so much to have him return home to me and our three beautiful young children, all of who are under eight years of age.
On behalf of my babies and me, I urgently request the support of the community in helping him make a full recovery. We are looking for a plasma donor with blood group A or AB. The donor cannot be currently actively infected (must have recovered).

The ideal donor is someone that has recovered from COVID-19 infection in the last two weeks and is willing to donate plasma. We will be forever grateful!

Please contact Bhushan at 208.313.1480 OR Sandesh at 832. 623.3657 if you are a possible candidate.


Latest update on Plasma Donor for Rohan Bavadekar:

There is no “identified” donor at this point. The hospital system is working on protocols and approvals to make this happen.

Please keep looking for donors who meet the following criteria:
1. Based in Houston area
2. Must be infected and have been recovered from Covid19 with both, positive and negative test results available
3. A or AB blood group (Positive or negative).

If you meet all of the above criteria, please contact Sandesh at 832.623.3657or Bhushan at 208.313.1480. You can also send a text message.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

– Manasi, Bhushan and Sandesh

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