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Houston’s most expensive burger costs $1600

HOUSTON, Texas — How much would you pay for a burger?  Ten dollars?  Maybe 20, if it’s from Killen’s?  How about a whopping $1600?  That’s the price tag for Houston’s most expensive burger.

Houston’s most expensive burger can be found at The Post Oak Hotel who unveiled the  “The Black Gold Burger.” The burger, according to the hotel, was inspired by “the ‘Gold Rush’ that has made Texas the #3 Oil Producer in the world and Houston the ‘Energy Capital of the World.'”

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So what goes into a $1,600 burger?  A patty made with super-fancy Japenese A5 Waygu, seared with Foie Gras, topped with shaved black truffles, and nestled in a caviar-infused black and 24-karat gold brioche bun — with a side of hand-cut 24-karat golden fries and truffle aioli.  From there the luxury train keeps rolling in the form of a 2006 bottle of Dom Perignon, one of the most prized and expensive champagnes known to man.

So, if you just hit the jackpot and are looking to celebrate in a very outlandish and opolent way, make your reservation today! Enjoy!




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