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6 Murderers Among Hundreds To Escape Houston Halfway House

Almost 200 prisoners housed at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Halfway house including 6 murderers are roaming the streets today and Crime Victim Advocate Andy Kahan wants the public to know about it.

In a tweet, Andy Kahan said:

Six murderers have escaped from a Halfway House in Houston and are currently wanted for parole violations. If they broke out of prison the public would be notified-but since they absconded from a halfway house nobody is alerted

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According to Kahan, a total of 196 offenders have escaped the TDCJ Halfway House.

“Per TDCJ records, 89 of the 196 fugitives went missing in 2020, 23 of them are sex offenders, 18 of them are convicted of robbery, 6 are murderers, with a total of 73 violent offenders have escaped, says Kahan.

“So far there has been no demands for answers for any public or elected officials.  I assume that they share our vested interest in capturing the wanted fugitives before they commit another crime.”

Kahan has been the prevailing voice for victims and their families,  spending over 20 years traveling the country pushing for legislation in support of Victims Rights & Public Safety and appearing on national tv shows such as “The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Now Andy has a new mission and that is to expand the public alert system to include halfway houses.

“There are no alerts to the public and as far as my knowledge, no press releases sent to the media to warn the public of dangerous fugitives missing from the halfway house,” says Kahan.

 If 196 prisoners escaped from prison all hell would break loose alerting the public and the media.”


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