Pearland TX

Horses in Pearland are being targeted and slaughtered for their meat, says police

Horses in Pearland are being targeted and some may have been slaughtered for their meat, says the Pearland Police Department.

Authorities say the first butchered horse was found on May 22 and another one on June 9.

A third horse was found on June 10.  The horse had been stabbed to death with a fatal stab to the chest.

 The suspects then removed the animal’s backstraps and the front and hindquarters leading investigators to believe the animal was killed for its meat,” said the police in a press release.

Three other horses were killed and butchered this past friday, August 8 in the same way, most likely for their meat.

The press release concludes with:

The Pearland Police Department in encouraging horse owners and residents to be vigilant and report all suspicious activities. Anyone with knowledge of these animal cruelty cases are encouraged to contact the Pearland Police Detective J. Page at 281.997.4202 or email JPage@PearlandTx.Gov.

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