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Friendswood Bar Owner Who Refused To Shut Down Arrested

Friendswood, Tx-  A Friendswood bar owner who refused to shut down was arrested after the bar reopened despite the governor’s orders to remain closed as the state continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Friends Pub owner, Kay Ghorbani posted to Facebook:

The original charge was Inspection refusal/interference TABC 101.4. The following day the charges were changed to interfering with a police officer. We spend 26 hours in FPD and then transferred to Galveston county.
Now after a week gone, they are threatening us with more charges, Injuring a police officer during the arrest. We did not resist the arrest and we did not hurt any officer.

Many businesses are struggling due to this pandemic. It is unjust and unfair the way we’ve been treated by our local authorities with whom we’ve always backed, supported and cared for. We’re just asking that we be recognized and treated as the business we are. We won’t let this incident change our minds about police, in fact we’ll continue to support them as we always have. However we will refuse to shut down! We will remain open because we have the proper permitting to do so. We hope everyone will continue to love and support our business as they’ve always done in the past. Our economy and country will all get better and stay better if we fight together instead if against each other.

We will update this story when more information is available.  To read, Kay’s entire post, click here.


  1. It’s a bar and grill.. not a bar and they are serving food. Get your story straight before you write an article and hurt their business even more. The police are wrong in this case and are harassing good people!!


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