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Houston Police Officer’s Union Warns: “Innocent People Will Suffer Because Harris County Bail System Is A Joke”

The crowded Harris County jails and the potential spread of COVID-19 have led to the release of violent criminals and the Houston Police Officers Union has something to say about it.

On Monday, The Houston Police Officer’s Union posted to social media a warning about a violent criminal who was set free on a low bond:


Daylon “KoKo” Alexander is a violent criminal street gang member. In 2018, Daylon Alexander committed an Aggravated Robbery of a Houston furniture store and shot the store owner in the head. This horrific crime was captured on video. ( (…/police-search-for-gunman-w…/)

Daylon was identified and charged with Aggravated Robbery. (

He fled Houston and went to Louisiana. While in Louisiana, Daylon shot and killed a 17-year-old. He was charged with murder. (…/st-martin-crime-stoppers-offering-r…/) He was not captured and fled back to Texas.

Daylon came back to Houston, where he was on the run for Murder and Aggravated Robbery. This didn’t stop him from pursuing his gang and rap music ventures with his brother, Daterrius Alexander. They are suspects in numerous violent crimes in Houston. Many of their fellow gang members have been charged with narcotics trafficking, firearm possession, and violent aggravated offenses.

While on the run, Daylon Alexander continued his criminal ways by committing more violent offenses. He was charged with two more aggravated felonies in Houston (2019 Agg Robbery, Agg Assault).

Finally (May 2020), Daylon was captured and booked in Louisiana for his murder warrant. (…/arrest-made-in-connection-with-2018-…)

Daylon Alexander was transferred to Harris County, where he was allowed to post bail, gain his freedom, and restart the cat and mouse process all over again. The major problem is – this lowlife vermin leaves a trail of innocent victims in his wake.

Daylon Alexander is free on the streets of Houston right now, or maybe he’s in Louisiana, or maybe no one actually knows where he is. Innocent people will suffer because Harris County’s bail system is an absolute joke – with zero regard to public safety.

Vote for change this upcoming November or you’ll vote with your feet when you’re forced to leave because of the ever-increasing violence in our city. #HarrisCountyDeservesBetter

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