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“Daddy Help Me, He Won’t Stop Touching Me”: 9-year-old Texas Girl Says She’s A Victim Of Sexual Assault

Accusations of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at a Texas girls’ home became widely public recently after a video found its way on social media.

A Facebook group called Stand With Sophie has garnered international attention after a video was posted of a 9-year-old girl begging not to be returned to the home where she said she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend.


From what we can tell, this story began early this year when Sophie’s little brother tested positive for cocaine and marijuana, according to her father.

“Suspicions of endangerment surfaced when we suspected that Jack had been drugged.  He ended up testing positive for cocaine and marijuana.  We trusted the system to help us through the process, and instead encountered dead ends at almost every turn.  In late June, and after dealing with a number of medical issues that Sophie was experiencing, she disclosed that she had been molested in her primary home and by other individuals who were invited in,” says her father, Michael Long

In a video posted to the group, Sophie pleads with her maternal grandmother during a custody exchange from father to mother to listen to her.

Grandmother: “Who’s touching you?”

Sophie: “Mr. Jake (mother’s boyfriend) and mommy watches.” “Mommy watches it happen.”

Grandmother: “Where does he touch you?”

Sophie: “My Vivi”

Sophie continues to describe how she wakes up with blood on her underwear and how she is tired of all of it. The grandmother dismisses the child’s claim and says that if she felt that bad about herself she couldn’t have gotten the lead in the school play.

Through the rest of the video, the mother and grandmother drag her out of the fathers car, resulting in a hospital visit to treat her arm.

The father was forced to remain in the car and allow it to happen or face jail time, according to Amicus attorney Rachel Li.

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