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Pearland Congressional Candidate Linked to Hate Group (video)

Just when you thought Pearland’s politics couldn’t get any wilder an October surprise hit one of the candidates for the district including Pearland’s seat in the United States House of Representative (U.S. House Texas District 22). Links between the Democratic Party’s nominee Sri Preston Kulkarni and a known anti-Mulsim international hate group have been exposed, prompting a leading American Muslim Political Action Committee Emage PAC to refuse to endorse or support Mr. Kulkarni’s bid for congress.  More than that, the current Republican Congressman Pete Olson has been joined by big-name local Democrats in denouncing Kulkarni’s link to organized hate.

India’s Nazi-inspired Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) party is a known hate group whose members populate an Indian political party called the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), they also have a sister RSS front group which has an operation in America known as the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS). These three groups together RSS/BJP/ & HSS represent organized Anti-Muslim hatred in India. According to Clarion newspaper in India Dr. Bharat Barai linked to the RSS supported a congressional candidate in the Chicago Area who won and went on to be one of the first congressmen to support an RSS backed international figure. RSS getting congressman elected Abroad may be a new tactic of the group. An expert on the matter Dr. Swain said of a Kulkarni win,    “He comes from a foreign policy background, a foreign diplomatic background…. If he gets elected, he will be more likely to be in the Foreign Affairs Committee in the US, and that will help them to somehow minimize the kind of challenges which will come to RSS and the Hindu fundamentalists groups from the US administration and the US as a country. It’s a smart move from their side; because they expect that if they can really do it, if they can bring Sri Preston Kulkarni to the US Congress, then they will somehow be able to withstand certain kinds of pressures.“

Kulkarni’s ties to these hate groups appear to be linked to two realities (1) a large portion of his fundraising and donations appear to have come from hate group related individuals, and (2) Kulkarni has biological and social relationships with persons who are linked to hate groups.  Both of these realities are explored below

Kulkarni’s Fundraising Ties:

Kulkarni’s ability to fundraise is rarely in question having raised $4.5 million to his opponents $1.3 million. However, those who have researched the source of this massive haul have found disturbing ties to hate. Research conducted in a well-sourced article by Two Circles news outlet who examined FEC records details how Kulkarni raised money from hate group related figures. In his 2018 run Kulkarni had just recently moved to the district for his 2018 congressional run and was able to raise an obscene sum of money from 23 individuals related to RSS, HSS, or BJP, many of whom did not live in the area.  This early and ample cash allowed him to win the 2018 Democratic Party, defeating the likes of political powerhouses like now Houston City Councilwoman Plummer in the primary while setting Kulkarni up as a local name in the area. Between his 2018 and 2020 campaigns, Kulkarni has reportedly taken in hundreds of thousands from persons linked to these hate groups.

Kulkarni’s Social Ties: 

One of the Leaders of RSS’s BJP party in India is Subramanian Swamy who endorsed Kulkarni’s run for congress (see photos below), some see this as tantamount to America’s KKK leader David Duke endorsing a candidate for office.   Kulkarni also has familiar relationships with the RSS, Kulkarni’s cousin-in-law Vijay Pallod has links to the RSS as does Kulkarni’s biological uncle.

Photos like the ones seen below show Kulkarni at HSS (the American arm of RSS) events.


Pearland’s current congressman retiring Republican Pete Olson of Sugarland took to Twitter to condemn Kulkarni’s ties to RSS. Olson suggested Kulkarni took donations from “NAZI” sympathizing RSS in this captured tweet:

The criticism of Kulkarni on this issue is bipartisan, former candidate for Texas District 22 Nyanza Moore stated (in photos seen below) to vote for all Democrats except Kulkarni; Mrs. Moore also posted what appears to be some sort of yard sign or political placard expressing voters should vote Democrat except for Kulkarni due to his links to the RSS and other hate groups. The Placard accuses Kulkarni of Fascism. It is not known by the time of the printing of this article how many of such signs as the one seen below were printed, nor is the level of their distribution known.

Local Pearland Political advocate Shanedria Wagner (whose post is seen in the photo is seen below with an accompanying video) shared with the Original Pearlanders Page the research of social justice activist Jada from New Orleans who claims based on his research that Kulkarni is working with the KKK of India as he reports his evidence in this video below. Will such high profile activists pointing out the links between Kulkarni and hate groups affect his electoral success? Pearland will learn on November 3rd.

Watch Jada’s video here:

Kulkarni’s Statement on RSS:

Kulkarni has made this public statement on RSS seen in the video below claiming to not even know who or what RSS is:


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