Gov Abbott: Make Texas A Second Amendment Sanctuary State

“Governor Abbott rightly called for Texas to become a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary State.’ This means stopping local busybodies from taking our federal tax dollars to enforce unpopular federal laws that Congress has no business in making. Amidst skyrocketing crime rates, now is not the time to abridge the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens,” said Derek Cohen, Policy Director of Right On Crime.

“Governor Abbott established a clear, conservative agenda for the 87th Legislature. These priorities will ensure that Texas continues to be a leader in education, health care, reducing government regulation, preserving free-market principles, and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. These policy priorities guarantee that Texas will emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever. We are grateful for Governor Abbott’s leadership and look forward to working alongside Members of the Texas House and Senate to ensure the success of these priorities,” said the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute.

“The Human Coalition applauds Governor Abbott for his powerful remarks about ending abortion in his State of the State speech this evening, saying ‘More than 40 million babies lost their lives to abortion in 2020. That’s shocking. It’s horrifying. It must end,” said the Human Coalition.

“We are energized by Governor Abbott’s strong pro-life leadership and thank him for all he has done to advance pro-life policies in Texas. Recipient of the SBA List 2016 Distinguished Leader Award, Governor Abbott is a proven leader for our cause who has signed 11 pro-life laws that save lives. We look forward to seeing more legislation in the state that will protect babies from lethal discrimination in the womb, as these children are under particular threat from the abortion industry. Texas is a pro-life state that rejects this modern-day eugenicist practice,” said Susan B. Anthony List State Policy Director Sue Liebel.


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