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BLUE ALERT: DPS is searching for man accused of shooting Texas Police Officer

The Texas Department of Public Safety issued a statewide Blue Alert on Tuesday for Royce Edward Wood, from Wise County.

A blue alert is issued by DPS for people who have either killed or seriously injured a law enforcement officer.

Wood was last seen on Highway 287 and FM 407 in Rhome, Texas, at around 8:00 p.m. on Jun. 13, according to DPS.

 Wood is described as a 43-year-old male, who is six foot two inches tall, weighs 200 pounds, and is bald.

Police say Wood was last seen on foot wearing a baseball cap with a camouflaged bandana around it, black sunglasses, vest, green shirt, and shorts.

To report any information to The Wise County Sheriff’s Office, call (940) 627-5971.T

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